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Henrietta Sees It Through: More News from the Home Front 1942-1945
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Springtime Pleasures (A Love for every Season) - Sandra Schwab

Tonight I baked my grandmother's streusel cake for the very first time ever. It was supposed to be my birthday cake.

And I've managed to completely mess up: The cake didn't rise as it should and, what's worse, has a burnt bottom. *sob*

To cheer myself up, I've just created a giveaway for SPRINGTIME PLEASURES here on BookLikes. If you'd like to further the whole cheering-Sandra-up-over-the-ruined-birthday-cake, head over for a chance to win 1 of 10 digital copies of my new historical romance. :-)

"The Appeal of the Gothic"


Today I'm on Evie Seo's blog Bookish, where I'm doing a guest post on "The Appeal of the Gothic": it's all about fake ruins (which rich 18th-century people loved to put in their gardens - not the humble garden gnome for a Georgian aristocrat!), fake castles, and other gothic flights of fancy.


As you'll see, the article also functions as a warm-up for the re-launch of CASTLE OF THE WOLF next week. I'm really excited to get this book back into the hands of readers.

So please join me over at Bookish, and don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Yesterday I added a welcome video to my YouTube channel. It seems fitting to repost it here, since it is mostly about books. :-)

In fairy land : a series of pictures from the elf-world

In fairy land : a series of pictures from the elf-world - Richard Doyle This is a stunning facsimile edition of the 1870 edition. Doyle's fairies are impish rather than cute; they often tease birds and bugs, but they can also be elegant like the fairy lady in her butterfly-drawn chariot. Doyle's designs are full of humour: the longs strands of the elf-king's beard are carried by three pages, with a fourth carrying the king's long hair, and the elven knights ride on grasshoppers and bugs and wasps. The fairy illustrations might not be among Doyle's best work (he did that, imo, during his PUNCH years), but "In Fairy Land" is a beautiful volume nonetheless.

The Penderwicks

The Penderwicks - Jeanne Birdsall Sometimes you find a book which truly enchants you because everything about it is simply charming. For me, Jeanne Birdsall's debut novel, THE PENDERWICKS, is such novel. Just look at this subtitle: "A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits and a Very Interesting Boy" -- absolutely lovely, isn't it? THE PENDERWICKS is the story about the summer holidays of the Penderwick family (an no, the smallest of the girls is not a fairy, she just always wears these big butterfly wings). As their usual beach cottage in Cape Cod had been sold by the owner, their father had to find them another cottage -- which turns out to be part of the big, sprawling estate of Arundel. The owner of the mansion might be most fearsome, but the housekeeper is as nice and cheerful as housekeepers are wont to be. And moreover, the Penderwick girls soon befriend Jeffrey, the boy who lives in the mansion. Somewhat eccentric and accidentprone, the Penderwicks stumble from one adventure into the next, with their big dog, Hound (who is easily sick), always hard on their heels. A truly lovely, charming children's book.